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“Thank you Jamie for helping me improve the mental side of my game.  Without the help of Sportsmind, I would not be the player I am today”.

Nick Baptiste




 “Thanks Jamie for taking the time to help me with the mental side of the game.  With your help, I feel more prepared and confident.  Always nice having someone to talk to about your game.  After a session, always feel refreshed and excited to go!”

Ryan Kujawinski



 “Thanks Jamie, appreciate all the help the past two years!  I think it has assisted me most with my confidence because after every session, I always come out feeling more confident regardless if I am on a hot streak or cold, I always feel there is more I can do mentally.  It helps me to be confident in my abilities because that’s one thing you stress on”.

Gabriel Vilardi



 'I would like to thank you for the work you did with my Championship Hockey Club this past season.  Your practical way of reaching players combined with your ability to relate with the group during the rigours of a long grueling season made all the difference for us.  We were better able to focus, execute and keep in perspective each game we played in addition to pushing ourselves as a group to new heights.  I look forward to next season working with Sportsmind and would recomend their services to any player or team who strives to attain uncommon results.

Thanks again Jamie,'

Pat Malloy


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